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5 tips for selling your home in the Summer

Monday, June 11, 2012

The distinct Canadian seasons are both a poignant reminder of time’s passage and a joy to experience: although the colourful fall and icy winter have their own charm, we have a special love for the summer months. The kids are enjoying summer vacation and running through the sprinklers, Fridays at work tend to end early, golf and gardening are the sports of the season, and everyone seems to be happier.

If you’re selling your home in the summer, however, these same conditions can make buyers a little more scarce than they were in the hot spring market (though this year, the summer seems pretty hot so far!). If you want or need to sell your home this summer, we’ve compiled some comprehensive summer-proofing tips to present your house in its best light, so that it sells easily and well.

1. Open up your Space

We don’t mean that you should knock down sun-blocking walls (though it might be worth considering!), but rather that you should brighten up the space you have. Summer days are much longer and the sun shines much more strongly (cocktail party factoid: it’s because the sun hits the earth from a higher angle). Open your windows and draw or remove heavy curtains: natural light will make potential buyers feel more positive and make rooms seem bigger. Consider painting walls white or a gentle light colour; it’ll best catch the sunlight and open up the space.

2. Floral Impact

Offset the clean simplicity of a summer colour scheme with as many fresh flowers as possible. This can get pricey, but before supplementing store-bought bouquets with flowers gathered from your garden, ask your florist for advice on avoiding allergens. Choose vibrant, fragrant blooms – your home will feel in tune with the season, and potential buyers will feel more calm and relaxed within the space. A natural fragrance also helps subtly offset any less lovely summer smells.

3. Consider Flooring

While the sun shining off the freshly painted walls will open up your rooms, the walls are only half the equation – don’t miss the floors. Maintaining tidiness isn’t enough: everyone notices scratches and dull spots on wood floors, tiles may need a good refresh, and stained or threadbare carpeting can put off potential buyers. Buff, scrub, and re-carpet! It’s time for life to start elsewhere for you and your family, but first remove any distracting signs of your life here. You’re presenting your house as a canvas for potential buyers to paint with their imaginations.

4. A Cool Environment

When summer gets sweltering, home can be a cool haven. Chances are you’re not spending as much time in your home during the open-house process, but it’s important to keep the house cool for visitors. For an environmentally-friendly – and wallet-friendly – alternative to AC-blasting, consider some standing electric fans, though this is the one time we’d recommend running the air conditioning as much as you need to!

5. Curb Appeal

The summer is an ideal time to showcase your landscaping, and ‘curb appeal’ – the first impression, as a potential buyer pulls up the driveway, of the front of your house and yard – is hugely important. Mow your lawn regularly and ensure that any patchy bits are re-seeded and then sodded if possible. If these patches are caused by your dog, consider creating a doggy bathroom by planting a small area of shrubbery by your back fence, and training her to use the space behind it. Consider investing in a professional cleanup and even a bit of garden redesign immediately before the home goes on the market.

Assess your front and/or back yards for their strengths, then highlight them: if you’ve got a pool, make sure the silt and dead leaves are removed, buff the tiles, and show it off; if you have a deck, re-paint it and make sure your patio set looks as clean and inviting as possible. For all outdoor spaces, invest in planters or hanging pots with nice pots and a pleasant balance of colour. This will produce a valuable first impression of vibrant colour and lush life.






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