It’s A Great Time To Sell!

It is an excellent time to upgrade for a growing family, as the interest rates allow you to afford more. Alternatively, it is an ideal time to downgrade for empty nesters, whose children have moved out and they no longer need that big house. Now the opportunity exists to downsize and buy an investment property (perhaps a condo) and rent it out for additional income. With the current interest rates, real estate is a very exciting market indeed, with huge upside potential.

Paul Sarradet knows your local market and can help you decide a good price for your home. And if you’re moving to another home, you may find a surprising bargain by using his services for both transactions!

Work with Paul to develop an effective selling strategy that makes the most of your home. Find out how much your home is worth here.


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"Having had Paul act as my agent on several purchase and rental transactions, I have come away impressed by his skill, enthusiasm and professionalism. His willingness to go above and beyond to complete a sale, or negotiate a more palatable deal has helped me execute on several properties quickly and efficiently. While execution is his primary strength in my opinion, he is also diligent in his screening process. This has ensured that during showings, he is able to provide honest color on a unit or area that my previous agents have been unable to. This makes the process educational and allows me to avoid pitfalls that plague many first/second time home buyers/renters. All in all I would count Paul as an extraordinary asset and would highly recommend his services in the future."
~ Rajbir Gill